March 4, 2014

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Use Independent Security Tests

Bob Hansmann

Miercom WebsenseWe’ve all been there. Your boss, or his bosses,  ask if you have the most comprehensive IT security solutions in place. You have spent months, if not years, developing a security strategy that protects your organization from data theft and still allows your employees to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are a Websense customer, or someone who is interested in how we stack up against the competition, I highly recommend checking out the latest Miercom test results released last week. This independent report put each solution through its paces. Most security professionals do not have the time and resources needed to complete a test of this magnitude.

Miercom conducted an independent third-party validation of the Websense TRITON Web Security Gateway Anywhere (WSGA) solution and four competing web security products: the Blue Coat® ProxySG 900-20 Secure Web Gateway; the Check Point 12200 Appliance Next-Generation Threat Protection; the McAfee® WG-5500-B Web Gateway and the Palo Alto Networks™ PA-2020 Next-Generation Firewall. Miercom independently sourced a URL sample set unknown to any of the vendors. Two types of tests were conducted to evaluate the ability of the appliances to block threats and malicious content.

Test results show that Websense TRITON outperformed all competitors by demonstrating superior web security effectiveness against both known and unknown advanced threats, in several key attack areas including identification of exploit kits, redirects, and drive-by downloads.

Using independent tests, like this Miercom assessment, is a way to work smarter—not harder.

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