July 11, 2011

David Beckham's Web site hacked


David Beckham's family had a baby girl this weekend, the fourth child in their family. CONGRATULATIONS!  Being a very famous football player, Beckham's Web site has been visited by lots of fans and has a relatively high Alexa rank, especially after this weekend: 


There are bad fans as well: as of today, we have seen that the official David Beckham Web site has been hacked:


Although the Web site just provides a picture of a dog and a phrase "ScooterDaShooter = FAIL", this does not actually contain any malicious content. 


At the time of writing this blog,  the site was not reachable and there was just a blank page provided for visitors. 


Celebrities' Web sites are always a popular target for hacker attacks, due to amount of visitors to those sites.  In this case the attack was only done to "pass on a message" from a cyber criminal;  in other cases such attacks could lead to posting malicious iframes or any type of bad content for financial gain.


At Websense we keep monitoring such sites and consider them potentially dangerous, as malicious content might be inserted in place of a picture.



At the time of releasing this blog,  the site has been fixed and the picture of the dog removed.  Instead, we can see David Beckham sitting in front of his laptop.  Hmm, guess who fixed the site?


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