March 11, 2010

Quarter Million Malicious Facebook Posts


A word of caution to Facebook users: be careful when clicking links on Facebook, even if they're on your friend's page or your favorite superstar's page.

We have detected a malicious campaign that is quickly spreading on Facebook. The malware has very low anti-virus coverage and can be found on prominent Facebook pages such as ones belonging Justin Timberlake (2.1 million fans) and a few others. If you use Facebook and are worried about this, we have a Facebook app that solves this problem (read on). If you are a customer, yes - we stop this at the gateway in real-time.

To get an idea of how fast this link is being shared on Facebook (measured in seconds!), here's a video: 

This is what the malicious campaign looks like (WARNING: Do *not* attempt to go to the link - your computer may get infected): 

Facebook Spam 

The malicious link isn't spreading through high profile names only, but also "long tail" relatively popular Facebook pages.


Virustotal shows a < 15% anti-virus detection rate.


We also detected that this campaign is also spreading on Twitter: 


Websense customers who click this link are protected from it: 

security risk

If you're using Websense Defensio Facebook app , you are notified via email when someone posts something malicious on your Facebook page: 



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