July 29, 2011

Websense Researchers at Black Hat USA 2011


This week, some of the members of the Websense Security Labs™ will be attending Black Hat USA 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Blackhat is arguably the largest and most important Internet security conference in the world. 

Armin Beuscher and I (Stephan Chenette) will be in the Black Hat Arsenal demo area demonstrating two open source tools we've released to the public. Check out the video for more information, and see the schedule below for demo times. 


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Armin Buescher will be demoing ReplayProxy on Wednesday from 11:15AM - 3:00PM 
Stephan Chenette will be demoing Fireshark on Wednesday from 1:45PM - 6:00PM 

(Figure 1: Black Hat USA 2011 Day 1 schedule)

The following researchers will be attending Black Hat, so if you see us, be sure to stop by and talk. We're there to see interesting research presentations, but mainly we want to interact with our research colleagues, friends, and customers, and to meet new researchers.

Patrik Runald, Senior Manager, Security Research

Stephan Chenette, Principal Security Researcher

Ali Mesdaq, Senior Security Researcher

Armin Buescher, Security Researcher

We'll be tweeting from the conference so make sure to follow us at websenselabs!


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