Growth Requires AudioNova to Focus on a Comprehensive Security Solution

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AudioNova knows that better hearing starts with understanding their customers’ individual needs. When the company realized that its own needs had outgrown a disparate set of security products, it chose a flexible, yet comprehensive cloud-based web and email security solution from Forcepoint.


  • A focus on growth led the company to expand to more than 1,200 stores throughout Europe.
  • Multiple solutions for web and email security on-premises in different regions and locations made it challenging for the small IT department to manage security efficiently from the headquarters in Rotterdam.


  • Because the team was satisfied with the Forcepoint Web and Email Security solution installed at headquarters, they landed on a flexible yet consolidated solution: replace multiple, disparate solutions by expanding Forcepoint Web and Email Security to 3,500 users and all international locations via the cloud.


  • The cloud implementation allowed a seamless introduction of the global solution and ensures that the system responds exactly to the company’s security requirements.
  • The number of IT helpdesk calls after installing Forcepoint has been drastically reduced.
  • Flexible but appropriate policy settings allow employees to access social media, but prohibit them from posting or playing games, for example.

"The Forcepoint solution requires little management, is highly scalable, and very quick to deploy. These are very important for an organization that is growing rapidly."

Jan Rubingh
IT Director, AudioNova
Customer Profile

AudioNova is one of the largest providers of hearing aids in Europe with over 1,200 stores in 13 countries.