Forcepoint Helps FinTech Company Stay Up and Running Safely

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Financial Services


United States

This financial services technology organization relies on its network for employee productivity while enabling customers to process financial transactions, automate their businesses, and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It relies on Forcepoint to protect that network and its customers.


  • Protect sensitive customer data and end users while delivering constant access to the network to maximize employee productivity.
  • Maintain balance between giving employees enough control to do their jobs while keeping the network running and secure.


  • Forcepoint Web Security to provide consistent and reliable protection with the control the Network Systems Administrator required.


  • Safeguarded the organization against advanced malware attacks, including Petya and Wannacry: “We were on top of those attacks before they really even got big; we were able to safely lock the whole network down. Management praised us for what we had done.” – Network Systems Administrator
  • Dramatically reduced the risk for network downtime, which would cost the company significant funds and productivity.

"Forcepoint is a big part of our security here."

Network Systems Administrator
Customer Profile

Financial Services Technology Organization that provides products and services to enable its more than 9,000 customers to process financial transactions.