Hapool Switches its Browser Isolation Solution To Forcepoint RBI in Less Than One Week

Cloud delivery and best-in-class browser isolation help the Israeli Managing Association of Compulsory Vehicle Insurance comply with strict governmental regulations while maintaining productivity.



Already relying on Forcepoint Web Security, Email Security, and DLP to meet tough Israel Ministry of Finance regulations, Hapool added Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation to its cybersecurity portfolio with a cloud-based deployment that took less than a week.


  • Replace existing on-premises  browser isolation product.
  • Conduct implementation without disrupting workforce productivity.
  • Comply with strict government regulations, including regular government on-site inspections.


  • Implement cloud-delivered Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Powered by Ericom.


  • Activation of Forcepoint RBI achieved in less than one week.
  • Regulatory compliance requirements met.
  • Improved support for cloud app utilization.

The Israeli Managing Association for compulsory car insurance was established by the Compulsory Insurance Law and is owned by the insurance companies in Israel. The Pool, or "Hapool," provides a solution for customers who belong to high-risk insurance populations, such as motorcyclists and dangerous drivers. Insurance companies do not insure them at regular rates, due to accidents, traffic law violations or for reasons related to their underwriting policies.

For the last three years, the corporation has relied on Forcepoint Email Security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect its users and data. Recently it had a need to replace its existing browser isolation solution. 

“Several months ago, we had some issues with our existing web isolation product, and we needed to find a different solution with our cybersecurity integrator in Israel. They recommended Forcepoint RBI so we did a Proof-of-Concept, and we quickly decided to purchase the solution,” said Hapool CTO Moti Ozana. 

High marks for compliance

Hapool must not only comply with Israeli governmental regulations for data protection and privacy, but under the Israel’s Ministry of Finance, the corporation is subject to strict regulations and is inspected annually by government regulators. Having a web browser isolation solution in place is one of those mandated requirements. 

“The guidelines are very clear. We have to work very hard in the cybersecurity field to meet government requirements,” Ozana said.

When the company needed to find a new solution for remote browser isolation, its cyber security integrator 10Secure suggested looking at Forcepoint RBI. 

“We’ve been very satisfied with all of our Forcepoint products in terms of the advantages they provide in all of our cybersecurity areas. Our email is highly secure thanks to Forcepoint’s sandboxing solution,” he said. “We were confident Forcepoint RBI would provide the same standard of security.”

Pool’s problems with its previous browser isolation product included performance issues as well as a lack of support to resolve them. The company has recently begun implementing Microsoft Office 365 and needed an RBI solution that could effectively and seamlessly route traffic through the cloud application. The company plans to expand its use of cloud applications in the future so having an RBI solution to support that was key. 

The insurer also needed to implement a new solution quickly and without any disruption to workforce productivity or break in regulatory compliance. 

"Before we started the PoC, we had concerns any company would have about integrating a new solution, but the fact that Forcepoint offered a cloud deployment helped us to implement it very quickly. Within a week we performed the PoC and went live with the product,” Ozana said.

"The Forcepoint account team led by Forcepoint Sr. Sales Engineer Haim Chibotero, Forcepoint Account Manager Kfir Mesika, Hapool Senior Cyber Security Expert Roman Stav, and 10Secure worked closely together to make sure the solution implemented as we expected.”

Forcepoint RBI delivers safe and secure web access

Forcepoint RBI provides advanced threat protection via multiple web isolation rendering modes and integrated file sanitation (CDR) technology to prevent zero-day web and file-based threats. It also provides a frictionless user experience: the web browsing experience is the same as it has always been. Users can leverage the native browser with full functionality and performance.

Browser isolation prevents websites from delivering malware, zero-day exploits, and phishing threats to endpoints. Risky websites, like uncategorized sites or new domains, and phishing URLs 
are rendered in remote virtual containers, isolating devices from threats. Forcepoint RBI also renders URLs from emails in read-only mode to prevent credential phishing and sanitizes attachments and web files before download. The solution also helps to prevent data loss by keeping sensitive web application data out of browser caches on unmanaged endpoints while limiting user data sharing activities on websites. 

The integrated solution offers a seamless, native web browsing experience while allowing secure, hassle-free access to websites that users need to successfully perform their jobs. Links, cookies, bookmarks, clipboards, etc. are available via all standard browsers, on any device, under any OS. 

As a result, the solution provides the best of both worlds: zero-day threat protection with the ability to maintain high productivity.

Forcepoint is a stable and strategic cybersecurity partner

"In the past three years of working with Forcepoint solutions, we’ve never had an issue,” Ozana said. “They’re stable cybersecurity tools for our company. This helped us feel confident in adding the new browser isolation solution to our portfolio.” 

“The integration with Ericom made Forcepoint RBI the best solution for us,” Ozana said. “Forcepoint is now handling four areas of cybersecurity for us, and we definitely see Forcepoint as a strategic partner. We’re looking to expand the relationship in the future.”

Customer Profile

The Israeli Managing Association of Compulsory  Vehicle Insurance.