Innovative Oil Industry Manufacturer Protects Award-Winning Innovations with a Migration to Forcepoint’s Cloud Platform

A leading Dutch supplier of energy industry construction equipment trusts Forcepoint Web and Email Security Cloud to safeguard its global workforce and valuable intellectual property while allowing communications to flourish





This leading oil industry manufacturer had relied on Forcepoint Web and Email Security to keep the company’s award-winning engineering intellectual property safe from web and email security threats for years. But the rise of remote working led to security gaps as employees logged into company systems from non-secure connections. To solve this, as well as improve ease-of-management while enabling communication and collaboration to thrive across the company’s international span, the company turned to its trusted partner to migrate security to the cloud.


  • Provide security for mobile workers outside the company’s offices while reducing the maintenance burden for IT staff.


  • Migrate to Forcepoint Web and Email Security Cloud.


  • Web and email channels are secure 24/7 globally with easy management.
  • The firm’s IP is well protected.

Founded in 1929, this company is known as one of the leading innovators in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for the world’s most important on and offshore companies. In 2018, the company won the Offshore Support Journal Innovation of the Year award for its revolutionary application of fiber rope in subsea deployment crane applications. And in 2019, it introduced a 3D printed crane hook—a first in the maritime and offshore industry.

The company is constantly working on new solutions and systems that add value to the industry’s existing technologies. The goal is to have their solutions and service become the new industry standard, challenging the industry to take innovation, quality, and safety to the next level.

This focus on innovation requires a security solution that safeguards the company’s IP while allowing communication and collaboration to flourish throughout the company’s international reach. It needed a solution for safe and reliable communication between all locations and its mobile workforce, that could be easily and efficiently centrally-managed. To solve this challenge, it turned to a security vendor it had relied on for years: Forcepoint.

“All-in-all, we look back on a very successful migration route to the cloud.”

Architecture Team Leader
Oil Industry Manufacturer

Email and web security filtered through the cloud

The company had successfully utilized Forcepoint Web Security onpremise appliances for web and email security, but in order to provide protection for mobile workers outside the company’s offices while reducing the maintenance burden for IT staff, the company decided to transition to Forcepoint’s cloud platform.

According to the Architecture Team Leader, the appliances offered the right level of security, but they needed the team’s regular attention. “Appliances simply cannot do without maintenance and updates,” he explained. “With the cloud solution from Forcepoint, we no longer have to worry about this. Forcepoint takes care of all updates and upgrades, and we can fully focus on determining and managing all policies. In addition, the cloud platform offers new features that further strengthen security.”

The company decided to utilize Forcepoint’s unique Direct Connect agent technology, which solves the challenging problem of irregular and geographically dispersed data access faced by companies with a highly mobile workforce. This technology provides roaming employees with secure, reliable, and properly localized access to data when operating on public or third-party networks. The IT team extensively tested this technology and found that it “worked great.” They were especially satisfied with the ability to define their own policies with great precision and ensure that all endpoints where data resides are maximally protected against malware and other threats.

“Our employees can work anytime and anywhere without having to worry that data will be stolen or lost. All email and web traffic first passes through the Forcepoint cloud, where it is filtered based on our policies,” the team leader said. “Performance is no problem, because Forcepoint has data centers all over the world.”

24/7 protection without time-consuming management

After the implementation the company has found that its web and email channels are protected 24/7 globally without the need for heavy investment in management. Forcepoint’s cloud security products allow the company to implement one worldwide standardized system with the same policies everywhere.

“We work with a small and dedicated team. Thanks to the cloud platform from Forcepoint, we can fully focus on our policies, while all routine tasks are performed by Forcepoint. In addition, we now have a globally standardized system with the same policies everywhere. This makes managing the environment much easier,” explained the team leader.

“It is also important to report that Forcepoint has provided us with very valuable help during the implementation of the cloud platform. All-in-all, we look back on a very successful migration route to the cloud,” he said.

And best-of-all: “We are convinced that our intellectual property is very well protected.”

Customer Profile

Dutch supplier of heavy construction equipment for the world’s most important on and offshore companies.