Modernizing Technology for Students While Upgrading Security




United States

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Day School wanted to provide ubiquitous wireless access and laptops to students, but needed a better way to monitor activity and safeguard against threats. Forcepoint Web and Email Security delivered.


  • Protect students from malicious pop-ups and deceiving domain names as the school moved from centrally located and manually monitored desktop computers to dispersed, wireless laptops for student web surfing.


  • Forcepoint Web and Email Security
    • Flexible, individualized filtering capabilities and customizable quota time.
    • Real-time analysis and security with continuous updates for latest threats.
  • Shift security to the cloud, and provide a high level of customer service to tailor the product for the school’s more liberal environment.


  • “With Forcepoint, we successfully executed our technology plan for ubiquitous wireless access and 1:1 laptop program,” said O’Malley.
  • 70% reduction in unwanted email and potential malware.
  • Significant decrease in malware infection when students take laptops home due to remote monitoring client.
  • Easy-to-use reporting down to the individual user level.
  • Cloud application reduced in-house server load and eliminated day-to-day management.

“We saw that Forcepoint did what we wanted it to do – and were the only ones who could deliver the security and access we were looking for. It is amazing to see how many malicious sites Forcepoint catches.”

Kevin O’Malley
CIO, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Day School
Customer Profile

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Day School, with 130 employees, serves 1,200 students from pre-K through 12th grade.