Forcepoint Helps Tekno Group Protect IP and Client Data While Controlling Costs





When its previous solution became cost prohibitive, Tekno Group sought a security strategy that could keep up with advancing technologies, at a reasonable price. With Forcepoint, they got even better protection than before, all at a price that can keep their business focused on moving forward.


  • Protect intellectual property and client data.
  • Increase prevention of threats via email and web.
  • Needed a solution that was cost-effective but still of the highest quality


  • Forcepoint Web, Email, and DLP for coordination of threat response via web and email channels and inbound and outbound protection of critical data.


  • Increased protection while still reducing costs.
  • Better visibility of inbound and outbound data flow.
  • "This restructuring process has allowed us to raise our protection level, maintain productivity and safeguard our brand, as well as reduce management and security environment costs,” said Carvalho.

"Today, we have high quality security and the best cost-benefit."

Felipe Carvalho
Information Technology Manager, Tekno Group
Customer Profile

Tekno Group specializes in manufacturing pre-painted metallic products.