Forcepoint Keeps Validium Safe From Even the Most Sophisticated Attacks




United Kingdom

This Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider’s Business Projects Department was spending a frustrating amount of time and resources manually managing an ineffective on-premises web and email security solution. With Forcepoint, the team can focus on moving the business forward with efficiency and ease.


  • Sophisticated attacks, with malicious code embedded in attachments or URLs, slipped through the previous solution—leaving the organization victim to two crypto-ransomware attacks within just a few weeks.
  • The need for frequent manual updates was frustrating and didn’t guarantee improvement in functionality.



  • Smooth implementation with immediate results.
  • Radically reduced threat of advanced, targeted attacks with web and email sandboxing.
  • Near-elimination of user complaints related to false positives inaccurately quarantining emails.
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance reduce manual staff intervention.

“I can’t remember the last time an implementation went this smoothly or we got such immediate results. It worked like a dream straightaway.”

John Morton
Manager, Business Projects, Validium
Customer Profile

Validium is an employee assistance and wellbeing consultancy working with businesses to improve their organizational cultures.