Wollongong City Council Operations Run Smoothly and Securely with Forcepoint






The City Council provides planning and development, business and household services, cultural, community, and health programs for the 200,000 residents of Australia’s ninth-largest city. To facilitate and secure those activities without hindering productivity, the Council trusts its partnership with Forcepoint.


  • 35% of the Council’s inbound emails contain spam or viruses, leading to a large amount of staff time spent manually filtering out spam
  • Managing web access with varying levels of control across different departments
  • Protecting roaming users


  • Easy-to-manage solution combining Forcepoint Web and Email Security with centralized management


  • Nearly eliminated the ½ day staff spent manually filtering spam
  • Flexibility to easily apply tailored security policies to specific departments when there is a legitimate need
  • Appliance-based deployment eliminated the need for a separate anti-virus solution and delivered increased web performance
  • Consistent security policies applied to laptops even when they leave the internal network

“Forcepoint was the first and the best web security solution, and we have never had any issues with it.”

Jeff Howells
Security & Network Architect, Wollongong City Council
Customer Profile

Wollongong City Council serves the needs of the city’s 200,000 residents with about 1,500 employees across 45 work sites.