Secure Your Office 365 Environment With Forcepoint


Learn how Forcepoint Solutions can help you successfully adopt Office 365 and protect your entire cloud environment

Driving Office 365 adoption is an important goal—87% of IT professionals say it's a top priority. Yet few have fully migrated their users and apps due to concerns around security, compliance, and poor user experience caused by network architecture limitations and constraints.

Forcepoint's Office 365 solution can help you move past these barriers by providing the confidence you need to fully adopt the suite.

  • Enhance Microsoft's integrated cloud security and regain visibility and protection against advanced attacks and data loss
  • Extend compliance consistently into the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond
  • Take back control of unsanctioned IT impacting the full adoption of Office 365 and maintain workforce productivity with reduced risk
  • Have the right network architecture to improve user experience and reduce cost as you fully adopt the Microsoft applications and migrate users to the cloud

Join us as we explore these use cases and demonstrate how Forcepoint protects Office 365 and your expanding cloud environment.