Step Up from Integrated DLP


How to know if you're ready for enterprise DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology is now everywhere – you will often find it integrated in other security products like Web and Email Security, whilst many Cloud Aps will offer it as part of their service. But is it enough to rely on a myriad of providers to fulfill this critical security need?

In this discussion, we evaluate the data protection options against the needs of the business, including:

  • The use cases for DLP; getting visibility of your data, securing critical data wherever it is and compliance
  • How DLP can go from a blocker to a business enabler
  • Why an Enterprise DLP solution is not necessarily a tool just for the big players
  • Is integrated DLP really integrated OR isolated DLP?


Nicolas Fischbach, Global Chief Technology Officer, Forcepoint
John Stringer, Director of Product Management, Forcepoint
Host: Ankur Chadda, Principal Solutions Manager, Forcepoint

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