Endpoint Security Solutions

Protect Laptops, Servers and Other Network Endpoints from Threats

Your people are your organization’s defining strength, the most influential part of its success. Yet they can also be your greatest source of security risk, often unbeknownst to them. Our endpoint security solutions maximize your staff’s productivity by protecting them from security threats, while also pinpointing potentially risky behavior and rogue insiders.

Turn to Forcepoint for the security and the visibility you need for your employees’ MacOS, Windows and Linux endpoints as they use IM, Skype, printers, USB keys and cloud solutions such as Microsoft® Office 365™. We protect individual endpoints on and off the corporate network while pinpointing abnormal or malicious behavior.

Our endpoint security solutions allow you to:

  • Intercept threats at the point of click — Thanks to Forcepoint ACE and ThreatSeeker Intelligence technologies, users are prevented from accessing dangerous URLs or files before they can be downloaded.
  • Apply granular security policies — Our content-aware technology gives administrators granular control over which users and applications access which data, where they can send it and by which channel it can be sent. This data- and user-centric approach allows you to apply the appropriate action in each case, whether that means blocking, notifying, removing, quarantining, auditing or encrypting. Even better, policies can be shared among our products, sparing you tedious rework.
  • Know what users are doing — We offer multiple ways to ensure that your users are adhering to policies, whether they are on or off the corporate network, as well as the ability to replay their actions for rapid analysis.
  • Find external threats wherever they try to hide — We can analyze thousands of endpoints on the fly to find stealthy malware, unauthorized programs and other potential indicators of compromise and minimize the dwell time of attacks.
  • Stop data exfiltration before it can happen — Our DLP endpoint technology gives you powerful safeguards to prevent exfiltration of your critical data, regardless of where that data resides.

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