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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

Martes, Abr 19, 2016

Coming Soon: The Forcepoint 2016 Global Threat Report


A new year means new threats. We are used to it in the security industry. But in this ever-changing landscape, how do we as security practitioners stay on top of the latest knowledge around these threats? At Forcepoint, our Security Labs team has a pulse on the latest intelligence collected from up to five billion data points per day in 155 countries. Annually, our teams compile our 2016 Security Predictions and 2016 Global Threat Report to shed light on the latest cyber security risks and help business remain informed and prepared.

Taking a look back at our 2016 Security Predictions Report, we have seen a few of our predictions come to fruition around presidential candidates, aging infrastructure and cyber insurance, bringing validity to the big data analysis and machine learning our teams analyze day in and day out.

With regard to new threats, ransomware has definitely garnered attention, affecting hospitals in particular. Our Labs team reported on a specific type of ransomware, Locky, and cracked its Demand Generation Algorithm, offering it to the public for their knowledge and protection. The insider threat is another emerging adversary to businesses protecting proprietary data. These are all things that we as security professionals are seeking to solve and prepare businesses to combat effectively.

Next Tuesday, we will unveil our 2016 Global Threat Report. We will highlight these topics, featuring case studies and statistics around our findings, along with a new botnet to be revealed publicly for the first time.

Our experts will also be presenting this information live during a series of regionally hosted webinars:

Register for a webcast to receive a copy of our 2016 Global Threat Report and be on the lookout April 26, 2016!

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