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Martes, Sep 28, 2010

Websense Insight: The Route to Malware


How many clicks does it take to get to the malicious code of an infected website? Surprisingly, the answer is usually, just two. 

In this Websense Insight, our Labs report on how most internet users are only two clicks away from malicious content via three ways: from top sites, poisoned search results, and malicious links. 

In the video, we use extensive data from analysis of thousands of links to illustrate that you may be in more danger from searching for items on the World Cup than you would in the "traditionally" dangerous "neighborhoods" of the "adult" or objectionable Web.

We also present some fascinating and surprising data on how close you are to malware and links to malware from some of the most highly trafficked and trusted sites on the Web.

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A deeper analysis of these and other Web Security findings will be forthcoming in the pending Websense Labs "State of the Internet Report." Stay tuned for that comprehensive piece in the upcoming months.