End users working with multiple secure systems have traditionally needed multiple desktop computers on a single desk to accomplish their missions. To remain effective, they need a simplified approach with a high level of security that performs efficiently.

Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client provides users with secure simultaneous access to information on any number of networks from a single endpoint device. Designed for enterprise deployments, Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client provides administrators with centralized management and monitoring, scalability to easily add networks and clients, and the flexibility to enable users in offices, in-theater and in the field.


Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client


Trusted Thin Client Distribution Console Spanning

Without Trusted Thin Client, the interviewed organization would have needed 'double the operations staff'.

Confidential Organization
Forrester Cross Domain Total Economic Impact Report, 2017


Maximized security, usability and adaptability
Increased user productivity
Significant ROI through reductions in infrastructure, hardware, office space, power consumption, and administration
Streamlined administration for the enterprise
Flexibility to support environments with 2 networks or more than 20 networks