Forcepoint WebShield

Secure HTTP Traffic Throughout Your Enterprise

As more mission-critical resources — applications, news, email and so on — are delivered over widely dispersed networks of various sensitivity levels, your organization’s risk of Web-based attack increases. Forcepoint WebShield answers that challenge.

By their nature, Internet servers that connect private and public information and systems are potential gateways for accessing proprietary and confidential data, which can put your organization and its work at risk.

Forcepoint WebShield, a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) data guard, provides secure Web search and browse-down capabilities from high-side networks to lower-level networks. WebShield allows for the transparent protection of the entire network, not just a single local server.

Because Forcepoint WebShield is a secure mechanism for complete information browsing and discovery, users can carry out their missions and job requirements with increased protection. Users surfing lower-level networks can be restricted to specific server and file types as defined by security policies. All requests, responses and transfers go through security controls, such as dirty word search, virus scan and malicious content checks.

Forcepoint WebShield Enterprise Implementations

  • Seamless cross domain content discovery – Users access a Web-based federated search engine (for example, Vivisimo™) within their Web browsers to initiate a search request that can return results from multiple networks.
  • Secure chat – WebShield reads and validates basic chat (XMPP) traffic through HTTP to facilitate multilevel chat.
  • Web-based application data transfer – Forcepoint WebShield guards the access and sharing of data, such as geographic visualization of application data, used by groups operating at different security levels.
  • Real-time data access and manipulation – Forcepoint WebShield provides real-time data validations that enable organizations to keep one instance of information at the lowest level necessary, eliminating data duplication.
  • Multilevel Web-based email – Users who perform most of their work from a high-side workstation and have lower-level email accounts can now access all email from a high-side Web-based email application.
  • Secure wiki page authoring – When used with Forcepoint’s Trusted Gateway System, Forcepoint WebShield facilitates secure upload of files and images to a low-side resident internal wiki.


  • Forcepoint WebShield is an approved transfer cross domain solution on the Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office (UCDSMO) Cross Domain Baseline.


  • Supports service-based server-to-server access through HTTP
  • Supports standard Web browsers and requires no software installation on the user’s desktop
  • Provides seamless access to Web-based resources at lower levels
  • Includes customizable virus scanning, dirty word search, file typing and active content blocking
  • Increases productivity while maintaining a high level of security
  • Provides accountability for user actions with a Strong Authentication option
  • Supports local, site and regional site-to-site load distribution and failover

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