Securely Empowering the Mobile Workforce

We are all familiar with the old adage knowledge is power. Today, power is information. Having access to that information whenever and wherever delivers the knowledge to enable powerful decisions. Nowhere is this more critical, necessary, and fraught with security landmines than within the federal government.

Acknowledging that data is an organization’s crown jewel has brought with it the question of how best to protect the data while enabling and empowering employees to maximize productivity. While we must accept security precautionary measures as a necessary evil, the often cumbersome rules and regulations around information access can lead to workers taking shortcuts to get their jobs done, or just trying to simplify their lives.

A mobile worker accesses data from a laptop, mobile and/or table, each with their own risks, so require their own solutions to combat risk of data compromise. In this paper we discuss how the federal government workforce – military, intelligence and civilian – can bolster efficiency and productivity while maintaining security.