FS-ISAC Webinar
Tue, Feb 5

Remove Friction with Risk Adaptive Protection
In our cloud-first world, trust is not absolute. The binary choice of blocking all perceived threats or trusting everyone doesn't work in an anonymous digital world. In order to continue innovation, many organizations have adopted a cloud-first approach, but most do not want to implement wholesale policies that forbid the use of personal devices and cloud apps. However, the same Cloud apps and services that provide tangible business and productivity benefits are the very ones that can invite risk into the business. What if there was a solution that could adapt protection dynamically and apply monitoring and enforcement controls, offering protection based on the risk level of users and the value of data accessed? This could enable security organizations to quickly understand risky behavior and automate the enforcement of policies, dramatically reducing the quantity of alerts requiring investigation and providing more efficient cybersecurity. Join in the discussion around the next generation of data protection. This session explores integrating UEBA with other security technologies, for example: UEBA/DLP solutions for Adaptive Data Insights and UEBA/Endpoint Collection for Adaptive User Insights. 

Speaker: Homayun Yaqub

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Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM EST