Juin 20, 2019

Understanding the “Intelligence” in AI - X-Labs at Ai4Cybersecurity

Carl Leonard Principal Security Analyst

In April 2019 Raffael Marty, VP of Research and Intelligence, had the pleasure of presenting at the Ai4 / Cybersecurity 2019 conference in New York City, USA. The conference brings together senior business leaders, data scientists and practitioners of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as they discuss solutions and opportunities for AI in the cybersecurity industry – a topic close to our hearts and mission here in Forcepoint X-Labs.

This is no ordinary trade show. Attendees are limited to an approved several hundred; very different from the large trade shows you may be familiar with.

Understanding the “Intelligence” in AI

Raffael delivered a talk with title “Understanding the ‘Intelligence’ in AI”.  His talk pivoted around the issues, and solutions, of applying general AI and machine learning to a domain as specific and complex as cybersecurity.

History has told us that biases in data can lead to unexpected output from algorithms, compounded even more so when we don’t inherently understand the data we are inputting let alone the algorithm’s capabilities.

When applied to cybersecurity we can leverage AI and machine learning for much good – consider the familiar applications of classifying websites and identifying malicious files.  The industry has moved towards assisting SOC analysts in their prioritisation of incidents – yet mistakes are still being made.

Talk highlights:

  • Do we really have artificial intelligence?
  • Algorithms can be dangerous – understand your algorithms and your data.
  • The need to build systems to capture expert knowledge and augment human capabilities.
  • We can use AI/ML to escape the cat and mouse game that exists between defenders and our adversaries.

The recording is now available on YouTube and you will find the slides on Slideshare.


AI for Detection & Incident Response

Raffael was also joined by a panel of experts discussing “AI for Detection & Incident Response”.  The recording is also now available.


Recordings from the 2019 conference

Other presentations from the 2019 conference are available on the conference’s YouTube channel.  The talk cover a wide range of topics on how AI can be used across the 4 pillars of the cybersecurity lifecycle; Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond.


Ai4 / Cybersecurity 2020

Applications to attend Ai4 / Cybersecurity 2020 are now open!  The acceptance criteria is listed on the application form.

Carl Leonard

Principal Security Analyst

Carl Leonard is a Principal Security Analyst within Forcepoint X-Labs. He is responsible for enhancing threat protection and threat monitoring technologies at Forcepoint, in collaboration with the company’s global Labs teams. Focusing on protecting companies against the latest cyberattacks that...

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