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Secure data transfer for training and testing environments

Mission readiness for agents, troops and equipment is essential to warfighter and national security. Forcepoint SimShield helps you deliver that readiness by enabling secure data exchange during training and testing. Connecting training and testing environments under real-world conditions – across security boundaries – allows for more effective training and more efficient test events. That means better trained warfighters and more thoroughly and quickly tested equipment, while achieving overall cost savings.

Forcepoint SimShield is an accredited Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) fixed-format data guard with the capability to label, segregate, protect and exchange data between systems executing at different sensitivity or classification levels. Forcepoint SimShield meets the requirements for data format, near real-time performance and low latency for distributed simulation operations, live training exercises and test events.

Forcepoint SimShield™
Forcepoint Meets Current NSA & NCDSMO Raise-The-Bar Guidelines for Cross Domain

(Forcepoint) SimShield™ TENA, certified for SABI, has proven that our military training forces can effectively participate in live training excercises without compromising data security. SimShield TENA will reshape combat training efforts by providing the most realistic training experience available today.

Billy Smith
HQ PACAF Ranges Program Manager
Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) and 353d CTS


Permits secure connectivity between classified simulators and the rest of the simulation

Provides fully automated, predictable, controlled and audited two-way communication and sanitization of events across security domains

Enables the interconnection of RDT&E networks at different sensitivity levels, which moves system tests earlier in the lifecycle

Utilizes a user-friendly interface for creation of classification filter rules

Enables interoperability between previously discrete testing and training activities, thereby eliminating redundancies and costs

Natively supports for Distributive Interactive Simulation (DIS), High Level Architecture (HLA), Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA), Real-Time Transport (RTP) and MPEG2-TS protocols

Allows the use of object model or protocol changes without affecting security posture