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Forcepoint Trusted Gateway

Secure data transfers for your mission-critical files, every time.

Admin Control

Reliably transfer unstructured files

Transfer .PDF and Microsoft Office files between and within different classification levels for international, federal, state, and local entities.

Behavioral Fingerprints

Comply with Raise the Bar initiatives

Achieve breach-resilient, mission-safe architectural design that meets the U.S. Government’s Raise the Bar requirements.

Ensure Compliance

Configure transfers based on policies & requirements

Supports any-to-any classification level transfer and multiple file transfer requests, such as Two-Person Human Review, Self-Release, and Directory Transfer Service Option (DTSO). 

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Security Incidents

Eliminate “sneakernet” manual processes

Streamline file transfer processes and eliminate air gap risks inherent to portable media.

Secure IP

R.A.I.N compliant

R.A.I.N. principles ensure that all content submitted to the TGS system will be thoroughly inspected and sanitized.

Traffic Security

Robust administration management

System and security administrators with the appropriate permissions perform administration, monitoring, and auditing from the server.

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

Expand your functionality to print and mail

Further reduce operational infrastructure cost by adding Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery and Trusted Mail System.

Safeguard Attachments

Approved & validated to secure your mission

Forcepoint is widely deployed and listed on the NCDSMO baseline list, and supports transfer environments with 38+ networks.

Increase security and usability while reducing costs

The Forrester Study on Total Economic Impact using Forcepoint’s Cross Domain suite of solutions provide stronger security profile with a dramatic improvement in cost savings.




Months in for payback


Supported domains

Share mission-critical information with the right people at the right time
U.S. Government “Raise the Bar” compliant

Combat rising threats with improved data filtering and inspection alongside resilient architectural design.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit operating system

Operates on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit operating system with Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) components, providing stringent security controls.

Supports multiple file types and file sanitization

Employs a vast number of file types and multiple file sanitization solutions, such as Glasswall, Purifile, Aware, Sophos, and more.

Easy-to-use tool for administration and management

Set and view policy rules, configurations, and administrative status with a built-in visualization tool in the UI.

Ease of administration

Robust archive and audit management capabilities with centralized event logging. 

Flexible network configurations

Accommodate different environmental requirements with flexible network configurations. 

Automated bulk uploading

Automated bulk uploads via Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)/Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), low side network to high side network. 

Multi-channel, multi-directional, or uni-directional

Support for multi-channel, multi-directional file transfers with one system, and support for uni-directional transfer to meet policy requirements of FVEY partners. 

Rigorous file transfer content inspection and sanitization

Trusted Gateway System provides an unmatched amount of verification, inspection, sanitization, and transformation filters to safeguard file transfers, including but not limited to:









Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldwide

Without Trusted Gateway System, to achieve an air gap, we would have to use the type of media you can just walk out the door with.

Senior Integration Engineer

The Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System is so much an ingrained part of our day-to-day operation that it’s very difficult to imagine supporting our mission without it— there’s no practical alternative.

Senior Integration Engineer, DoD Intelligence Officer
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