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Trusted Thin Client

Secure access to multiple domains from just one device

Stop Shadow IT

Secure access to multiple sensitive networks

Gain simultaneous access to multiple classified networks or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Environments from a single endpoint device.

Defend Networks

Lower total cost of ownership

Achieve significant return on investment (ROI) through lower ownership costs in infrastructure, office space, power consumption, and administration.

Raise the Bar

Designed to comply with Raise The Bar guidelines

Assessed and authorized according to NIST guidelines; in compliance with all National Cross Domain Services Management Office (NCDSMO) initiatives.

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Location Access

Improve staff efficiency on mission-critical workflows

Save time while accessing multiple resources from a single workstation. Reduce total head count and avoid unnecessary transitions between hardware devices.

Loss Prevention

Network and client scalability

Implement in traditional office environments, large operations centers, in the field, in-theater, forward operating bases, in tactical vehicles, ship and aloft—anywhere critical data must be accessed and shared.

Mobile Access

Dynamic network configuration

Tear down or stand up new “mission” networks when needed and without service interruption via rapid, real-time network configuration.

Flexible use cases and environments

Implement anywhere critical data must be accessed (e.g., office, in-field, in-theater).

Complete Visibility

Broad authentication support

Supports Common Access Card (CAC), SAC, and SIPRtoken smartcards for identity management and access authorization to back-end Microsoft Windows servers.

Defend Networks

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution

Built and supported by proven development, support, and professional services teams.

Securely access multiple sensitive domains while reducing
infrastructure costs

An independent Forrester study on Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client demonstrated substantial ROI for an intelligence agency customer.


Return on investment


Month payback period


Deployed TTC users worldwide

A secure access solution with support for one or many globally dispersed sites
Distribution console

Distribution console provides physical connection to one or more single-level virtualized networks, maintaining separation between each.

Single, read-only operating system

Keeps data from being stored locally, transferred, or copied to an external device. Client image is a centrally managed, 64-bit encrypted image.


Support up to 20 networks and 400 terminals/endpoints per Distribution Console.

Expand or contract deployment quickly

Supports VLAN networks for services, enabling admins to change existing clusters with zero impact to users and minimal administrative overhead.

Endpoint device flexibility for your environments

Implement client software on a virtual machine residing on a host operating system or on other mediums (e.g., thin client hardware, PCs, hybrid devices).

High availability

Multiple Distribution Consoles can be clustered together to provide high availability access to critical resources.

Multi-monitor support

Supports up to eight monitor displays—unmatched by other access solutions.

Redisplay technology agnostic

Provides connectivity to multiple security domains through common virtualization and application redisplay technologies (e.g., Citrix, Microsoft, VMware).

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program

Architecturally enabled to support the CSfC program adhering to NSA’s cybersecurity and assurance strategy. 


NCDSMO-approved for 10+ years.

Apply your choice of virtualization technology

Provides connectivity to multiple security domains through common virtualization desktop and application redisplay technologies.


Provides connectivity to multiple security domains through common virtualization desktop and application redisplay technologies.



Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldwide

"Improved security was one of our main drivers for using Trusted Thin Client."

Senior Integration Engineer

"Without Trusted Thin Client, our operations team would have needed to be double the size to keep up with the demand."

Senior Integration Engineer