2018 Radicati Group Market Quadrant Reports Kit

Rapports des Analystes

Forcepoint is now ranked a Top Player across five solution areas by The Radicati Group, one of the leading third-party technology market research firms in the market today.

As threats continue to advance within the market, the strategic leaders at Forcepoint have realized the need for a new approach to meet the dynamic needs of enterprise and government environments. Forcepoint’s new human-centric cybersecurity vision has caught the attention of third-party analysts, including The Radicati Group, who cite, “Forcepoint’s flexible packaging allows customers to purchase the product and features they need, and add more advanced capabilities over time as threats and needs evolve.”

The Radicati Group’s 2018 reports, spanning data loss prevention (DLP), CASB, Web, Email, and Advanced Persistent Threats, are now available for download:

Data Loss Prevention. Forcepoint is named a Top Player in a DLP market for 2018. Strengths include extending DLP policies into cloud applicationsintegration via integration with Forcepoint CASB (cloud access security broker).

Secure Email Gateway. Forcepoint is named a Top Player for Secure Email Gateway functionality and strategic vision, with highlights in Office 365 protection and enterprise-class data loss prevention functionality.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Forcepoint is named a Top Player for UEBA capabilities, flexible deployment options (API, proxy) and integration with Forcepoint DLP, Web Security, and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) solutions.

Advanced Persistent Threats. Forcepoint is named Top Player for overall industry leadership, highlighting integrated security solutions, advanced user and entity behavior technology, deep visibility into cloud usage via cloud access security broker technology, and context-aware data loss prevention.

Web Security. Forcepoint is named Top Player for the 11thyear in a row. Strengths cited include most complete application controls in the web security space and advanced capabilities to identify zero-day, advanced threats and data theft.