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Lessons Learned From The World’s Biggest Data Breaches And Privacy Abuses, 2022

“Per Forrester’s Security Survey, 2022, 74% of security decision-makers with network, data center, app security, or security ops responsibilities experienced at least one data breach at their firm in the previous 12 months, and 36% experienced three or more breaches.” 
The security landscape of 2022 was filled with massive breaches, privacy abuses and fines. What insights can security leaders learn from these events? 

With this report, you will explore the top global breaches, worst privacy abuses and largest fines from 2022 and gain a better understanding of how to strengthen your data security

The consequences of a breach or privacy violation can be severe. With over 1 billion records exposed and over $5.3 billion in losses and fines in 2022, the lessons are clearly outlined. The security ecosystem is constantly under attack, but with the right knowledge and the proper resources, appropriate measures can be taken to prevent breaches and fines. 

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