Developing Vulnerability Resistant Products

Forcepoint Trust Program

The Forcepoint Secure Development ProcessAt Forcepoint we consider the development of secure products an integral element towards the enablement of organizations to move forward without fear. Our Trust Program is an initiative led by the product security team for our customers and the security community in order to achieve the goal of trust and confidence.  The Trust Program performs product security testing prior to release and throughout product lifecycles and provides internal teams with security evangelism such as consulting and the development of standards. In order to support the development of threat resistant products, the Program provides rapid incident response to vulnerabilities by positively engaging the security community and executing efficient processes to ensure a consistent and timely approach to remediating vulnerabilities.

Developing Vulnerability Resistant Products

Our commitment to the security of our products and services can be found throughout our product lifecycle and includes key elements such as:

Product Security involvement in the design and architecture of Forcepoint products

  • Investment in experienced security personnel, cutting edge technology and the most advanced tools to ensure our products are secure
  • Rapid response to vulnerability inquiries
  • Ensuring transparency with our customers, researchers and the public

To ensure that we’re able to meet the high demands of security, our trust program ensures that:

  • Security is always an integral part of our software development lifecycle
  • We perform regular static code review and penetration testing
  • Our products are secured based on industry-leading practices
  • Our decisions are customer-focused and adapted to business needs
  • We provide regular internal security training for all engineers
  • We engage well known third party experts to perform external testing for all major releases
  • The Product Security Team is involved as a stakeholder in all product releases

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