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Mercoledì, Set 12, 2018

Forcepoint’s unique capabilities to protect Critical Infrastructure


Sean Berg
Sean Berg Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure

Exclusive Forcepoint Features to Protect Critical Infrastructure

As I approach my one year anniversary leading Forcepoint’s Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure business, I’ve had a chance to reflect on all that our team has accomplished while, most importantly, helping our customers protect their critical assets and achieve their missions.

Leveraging Forcepoint’s Global Governments and Enterprise Security expertise to deliver defense-grade cybersecurity offerings for insider threat detection, enhanced data security, advanced threat protection, and secure data sharing and collaboration has resonated with our government and defense customers across the globe.

As the adoption of risk-adaptive data protection, network and cloud security, and cross domain technologies accelerates within our core markets, we see similarities with the critical infrastructure sectors, such as critical manufacturing, energy, defense industrial base, and government facilities. Forcepoint’s blend of commercial and government expertise uniquely positions us to address the critical infrastructure challenges, as many of these sectors are strongly regulated, policy-driven, and reside within or are directly connected to government and defense environments.

Forcepoint’s cross domain solutions bring a unique set of capabilities to critical infrastructure enterprises. Cross domain technologies enable not only controlled and granular information sharing between segregated networks, at much deeper levels than a firewall, but also allow for the secure connection of operational systems to both IT networks and the Internet for more efficient – and secure – communications and system hygiene. Government systems have had this proven capability for more than 20 years. We are working with our partners across critical infrastructure, government, national laboratories, and other regulatory bodies to address this technology gap and draw attention to funding and regulatory support for the community.

I am proud to announce that this effort will be led by David Hatchell, VP of Critical Infrastructure at Forcepoint. His team will work with industry CISOs to adapt to the expansion of their security responsibilities across both traditional IT and operational facilities in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Operating within the Forcepoint Global Governments business, the Critical Infrastructure business has unique access to expertise and solutions that have been proven time and again to manage high-risk connections and deliver the most sensitive data protection for national security missions.

About the Author

Sean Berg

Sean Berg

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure

Sean Berg is the senior vice president and general manager for Forcepoint's global governments and critical infrastructure business, carrying its P&L responsibility and leading the growth strategy. He is expanding Forcepoint's leadership in the cross domain government security markets and...