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Giovedì, Lug 02, 2020

Forcepoint Minute Videos Now Available on


Back in March when our current situation prompted many organizations to implement working from home mandates, Forcepoint began publishing blog posts on a specific topic: securing remote workforces. As part of that effort, we also produced a series of short videos called the Forcepoint Minute. All six Forcepoint Minute videos are now accessible via the Forcepoint Minute page on our website.

Organizations have been migrating workloads to the cloud for years. No question the current situation has accelerated cloud adoption for companies around the world. Forcepoint Minute videos represent quick, informational takes on the risks that affect your organization’s ability to protect your remote users and the data they access across multiple apps and devices.

If your organization is currently looking to revamp its cloud security or data protection solutions, it will be worth a few minutes of your time browsing the Forcepoint Minute videos for insights on topics like:

  • Securely connecting remote workers to internal apps and data via VPNs
  • Extending on-premises network security to cloud apps
  • Securing inbound and outbound email
  • Securing users and data in a multi-cloud environment

Click this link or right-click the image below and click Open link in new tab to access all six of the Forcepoint Minute videos.

Forcepoint Minute video series on

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