Total Economic Impact of a Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution (Forrester)

Report degli Analisti di Settore

Our Cross Domain suite is in operational use in some of the most stringent environments in the world, securing global missions efficiently and effectively while providing a high degree of usability, without compromising security.

Forrester Consulting presents key challenges a Department of Defense intelligence agency encounters and how the implementation of a Forcepoint cross domain solution can provide key results and benefits in the face of these challenges. This study reveals the quantified and qualified benefits of Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client, Trusted Gateway System and Trusted Print Delivery.

What DoD customers have to say:

“Because we use Forcepoint TTC, desktop security breaches are not a risk. You cannot download a virus—it just can’t happen.” - Systems engineer

“With Forcepoint, end users can access various networks through a single, monitored client, or workstation. Not only is the system more efficient for users, but we can maintain our highest level of security.” - Systems engineer

“We wanted to minimize how many networks had to run to various sites. Forcepoint allowed us to reduce the number of encryptors and sustainment at sites to three from twenty”  - Systems engineer

Some key statistics from the study:

  • ROI 268%
  • Payback >6 months
  • Efficiencies gained from internal redeployment of systems administrators  $6,135,375
  • Benefits PV $7.49 Million

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