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Gartner Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Learn how User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) helps protect IP, detect compromised accounts, and reduce insider risk.

UEBA is a powerful tool that allows security teams to learn from their own data and proactively monitor for anomalous behavior from inside the organization, enabling a more risk-adaptive approach to security.

But what solution should you pick, how will it protect your data, and will it integrate into your security analytics strategy?

Read the Gartner Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics and learn:

  • UEBA’s core functionality and how it benefits your organization
  • The data sources and analytic methods employed by UEBA
  • How to initiate a UEBA project and define use cases
  • How UEBA will become embedded in threat detection and incident prioritization solutions

This in-depth guide is essential reading for organizations that are considering or planning a UEBA project.

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