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Forcepoint CASB Sheds Light on the Cloud App Visibility Blind Spot

Organizations are experiencing new security challenges while attempting to adopt public cloud services. While cloud apps and BYOD policies are known to increase user productivity & lower operating costs, they are also responsible for risk that traditional security controls were not designed to handle.

These include:

  • Security blind spots due to lowered visibility
  • Gaps in coverage from traditional security tools
  • A sharp increase in the number of managed & unmanaged endpoints
  • Malicious insiders or compromised privileged users

IT teams may not control the endpoint or the cloud app, but are still responsible for their company’s information assets.  While the combination of existing infrastructure and the right cloud security tools can be leveraged to help organizations discover cloud apps, they cannot provide the visibility and control required for a comprehensive solution.

This whitepaper "Forcepoint CASB Sheds Light on the Cloud App Visibility Blind Spot" addresses the challenges that stem from cloud app adoption and prioritizes the methods that organizations should use in order to gain visibility and reduce security risk.