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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Buyer’s Guide

What to look for when choosing a ZTNA solution

VPNs make life hard for security teams and easy for hackers: Scaling access is expensive, managing it all is highly manual, protecting data is often unreliable, and authorized entry opens the door to everything on the network. Customers need a new solution to give remote and hybrid workers access to private apps.

A Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) solution allows you to easily implement Zero Trust policies, continuously verify remote workers, and grant access to only the private apps people need.

But not all ZTNA solutions are created equally – in our ZTNA Buyer’s Guide we evaluate seven criteria to help you pick the right one:

  1. Identity and Access Management
  2. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities
  3. Malware Protection
  4. Deployment Options for BYOD
  5. Performance
  6. Visibility and Reporting
  7. Integration with SSE or SASE
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