Accelerate productivity without compromising on cloud data security

With your people and data everywhere, keeping them safe is more important than ever.

But securing data stored throughout your many cloud applications using the same policies you depend upon within your enterprise network doesn't have to be challenging.

Make sure your data stays safe, no matter where it lives

Manage employee access to cloud apps from their own devices (BYOD)

Stop users from transferring or oversharing data 

Safeguard administrators against attacks and errors

Provide secure access and control for cloud applications

Apply different policies for managed and unmanaged devices

Control what data can be moved to cloud apps

Automate enforcement to block abuse or misuse of high-risk apps

Simplify cloud data security

Reduce complexity by managing fewer consoles and solutions

Enforce the same policy everywhere from the endpoint, through the network, to the cloud

Share intelligence across all cloud applications to minimize risk

Cloud Data Protection Products
Cloud Access Security Broker
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