NISPOM Change 2: Insider Threat Compliant in 30 Days

Need to be NISPOM compliant?

Forcepoint’s industry leading team of insider threat program experts will help you implement the Forcepoint Insider Threat (formerly SureView Insider Threat) solution and its NISPOM Policy Pack to make your organization NISPOM compliant by November 30.

NISPOM 2 requirements for Organizations that handle classified info

Forcepoint Insider Threat

User activity monitoring of classified systems

Ready to deploy NISPOM Policy Pack

Prove NISPOM compliance

Out of the box reporting on technical observables

Full video context

Beyond key logging and screen shots—even non-technical personnel can “push play”

Detect, deter and mitigate insider threats

More than 15 years of user activity monitoring (UAM) experience for malicious or unintentional actions.

Operational knowledge to provide actionable intelligence

User-centric, policy-based methodologies proactively detect risks to classified information

Written Plan

Industry experts provide the plan tailored for your organization

Forcepoint has been the gold standard in User Activity Monitoring (UAM) with the US government for over 15 years. We provide UAM compliance with directives that are uniquely suited to support customers in complying with NISPOM Change Order 2.

Forcepoint Insider Threat delivers unrivaled visibility into activity on a users’ computer to prevent data theft and loss by:

  • A hijacked system
  • Stolen credentials
  • Rogue insiders
  • Negligent end users

Save time and effort by automatically identifying and prioritizing your riskiest users, reducing the need to dig through thousands of alerts. Forcepoint Insider Threat provides you with the forensic evidence needed for undeniable attribution and chain of custody to simplify investigations, prosecution and to demonstrate NISPOM compliance.

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