Are You Prepared For Ransomware?



The WannaCry and Petya ransomware are two of the most significant malware outbreaks the world has seen in years. Enterprise and government organizations need to have a human-centric security approach that protects employees, critical business data and intellectual property from being targets.

The best defense starts with an understanding that ransomware and other malware threats are aimed at manipulating or imitating user behavior, through whatever source of technology they can.

“By providing us a comprehensive protection suite that covers multiple paths into our organization and supporting our human centric security strategy, Forcepoint has definitely helped us stay malware free in terms of the recent WannaCry events.” 

- George Tunnicliffe, Head of Operations, The National Theatre

Find additional information on combating ransomware, like WannaCry, Petya and Locky, below:

Join Forcepoint’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jim Fulton, as he explores how the Petya ransomware attack propagated.


Are You Prepared for Ransomware?

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