Building an Insider Threat Program Webcast Series


Today's growing number of insider threats has created a more complex set of challenges for organizations compared to those arising from external cyberattackers. To avoid potential risks and legal challenges, companies and organizations need a robust strategy which can collect data, analyze it and enforce against policies set.

Watch the Building an Insider Threat Webcast Series, which digs into the landscape, legal and global privacy considerations, stakeholders and lessons learned with regards to building a robust and successful insider threat program.

Title: Building an Insider Threat Program: Landscape & Definition
Duration: 23 minutes

Summary: Learn what insider threat really means, how traditional cybersecurity has failed and the initial requirements needed to build the program.

Title: Building an Insider Threat Program: The Mechanics
Duration: 24 minutes

Summary: Understand the details of what an insider threat program looks like, including how to formally establish the program and build the business case, in addition to what the governance structure looks like.

Title: Building an Insider Threat Program: Legal & Global Privacy Considerations
Duration: 29 minutes

Summary: Get a breakdown of the various laws and regulations you need to consider and international privacy matters, including the GDPR, in order to build a legally compliant insider threat program which is consistently and equitably applied and in line with company values.

Title: Building an Insider Threat Program: Stakeholders & Operationalizing Technologies
Duration: 30 minutes

Summary: Learn what it takes to build the team, what key stakeholders should be involved and lessons learned from our own implementation of insider threat.

The Expert Panel

Hugo Teufel, Senior Counsel, Global Privacy, Raytheon
Hugo handles all aspects of privacy and data protection compliance globally within Raytheon. He has served at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as its Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Privacy Officer at DHS, and Associate Solicitor for General Law at the Department of the Interior. Hugo has also held roles in the private sector, including PricewaterhouseCoopers and major legal firms.



John Holmes, General Counsel, Forcepoint
John is responsible for Forcepoint’s legal and regulatory affairs and ethics and compliance programs. Prior to joining Forcepoint, John served as Vice President for legal and government affairs at Freescale Semiconductor. John helped steer Freescale’s spin off from Motorola in 2004, its initial public offering, the leveraged buyout taking it private, Freescale’s re-introduction to the public equity market in 2011, and finally, its ultimate 2015 merger into NXP. John has served on many civic and professional organizations over the years as well.





Mike Crouse, Sr. Director Business Solutions, Data & Insider Threat Security, Forcepoint
Mike works closely with top commercial and federal decision makers and lends key influence in helping them develop new cybersecurity policies, procedures and technical approaches, including user activity monitoring requirements, behavioral analytics and the detection/mitigation of external and internal threats. Mike has supported Commercial and Federal Organizations, including the National Security Agency (NSA), Stanford Telecom, ITT Industries, General Dynamics, Oakley Networks and Raytheon.