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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions

Enable secure information access and transfer between multiple, separated networks

Recognizing the need to protect highly sensitive, national security data, government agencies around the world utilize the best practice of network segmentation. With physically separated networks housing properly classified data, breaches are easier to defend against and damage is easier to control. Knowing what data you have and where it is allows for better control and overall security.

Cross domain solutions work within segmented network environments to enable efficient and secure data access and transfer.

The Total Economic Impact™ of a Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution

Forcepoint’s Cross Domain solutions are deployed in some of the most stringent environments in the world, securing global missions effectively while providing a high degree of usability.

In this Forrester study, you’ll learn how your agency can:

  1. Save on device costs by implementing Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client, which eliminates the need for multiple desktop devices for users who need access to multiple networks.
  2. Avoid printer costs by implementing Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery, which allows its users to print from one secure printer at each work site, regardless of the network utilized by the user’s application.
  3. Reduce labor costs with Forcepoint’s Cross Domain solutions, by minimizing the workload on operational staff as well as the operational hours required.

“Trusted Gateway System is so much an ingrained part of our day-to-day operations that it’s very difficult to imagine supporting our mission without it — there’s no practical alternative.”
 - Senior Integration Engineer

Download the Forrester Report

Better mission decisions, in real-time

Forcepoint Cross Domain solutions focus on securing and simplifying the intersection of technology, data and people. Intelligence officers, analysts, commanders and warfighters use these solutions to access and transfer data and files across and between networks at speeds previously unimagined. Forcepoint Cross Domain products:

  • Enable system administrators with enterprise-scale administration tools to support a global footprint.
  • Balance the need to share data against the need to protect both the data itself and the agency as a whole.
  • Ensure that data and files arrive at their appointed destinations quickly and reliably, in the right format and free of malware.

“The ability to securely connect to multiple networks from one device resulted in significant cost savings.”
 - Confidential Organization, The Total Economic Impact of a Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution (Forrester)