Forcepoint Acquires RedOwl

Integration of RedOwl UEBA delivers holistic view of cyber behaviors to address risk in real-time

On August 28, 2017, Forcepoint announced the acquisition of RedOwl. The RedOwl technology is now known as Forcepoint UEBA.

This latest milestone in Forcepoint’s human point strategy arms customers with cybersecurity systems designed for the reality of today’s threats. RedOwl brings a sophisticated security analytics platform to Forcepoint’s human-centric cybersecurity system and will be integrated across our portfolio, as well as with customers’ existing technologies (e.g. SIEM).

This integrated platform delivers real-time insight into anomalous interactions and access that occur across people, data, devices and applications. Customers deploy these capabilities to analyze large amounts of complex data, assess high-risk events and behaviors, and enact centralized and supervisory oversight to satisfy both security and regulatory requirements. And, the combination of RedOwl UEBA, Forcepoint DLP and Forcepoint Insider Threat will provide the industry’s only comprehensive solution for understanding and responding to the behaviors and intent of people.

To help you understand how this change may affect you, we've created an FAQ that contains answers to many common questions our customers and partners have asked about this transition.

Will customers worldwide be able to purchase RedOwl from Forcepoint?

Yes, customers can purchase RedOwl today. It is on the Forcepoint pricelist and the two options RedOwl had offered have been renamed Forcepoint UEBA – Standard and Forcepoint UEBA – Regulatory Surveillance.

Will Forcepoint UEBA be available in all regions?

Yes, Forcepoint UEBA is currently available worldwide.

Will my existing support agreement with RedOwl transfer over to Forcepoint?

Yes. Forcepoint’s support organization will honor all existing RedOwl support agreements. RedOwl customers should continue to call into their existing support channels.

Where can I find more information about Forcepoint’s UEBA offering?

Forcepoint UEBA

If I have a reseller agreement with RedOwl, how can I continue to resell subscriptions to the UEBA solution?

Upon enrolling in the Forcepoint Channel Partner Program, you will have access to the Forcepoint price list, which will include UEBA products. Please contact a Forcepoint channel representative at for additional information on how to enroll in the Channel Partner Program.

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