Reinventing Cybersecurity in a Zero-Perimeter World

Security spending is expected to top $113 billion worldwide by 2020, yet data loss events continue to increase - incidents nearly doubled between 2015 and 2016.

Why hasn't more spending led to fewer breaches?

Because we live in a zero-perimeter world, transformed by cloud, remote workers and BYOD.

Your data is now everywhere - in private and public clouds, on removable media and comingled with personal information on mobile devices.

As a result, security teams are playing catch-up, trying to identify the where, when and how of breaches that happened months, or even years, in the past.

In this new era, old approaches to security simply don’t work. Point product-based solutions create so much noise they drown out the important alerts.

The human point is the key to cybersecurity

The human point is the intersection of users, data, and networks – through IT systems, in the cloud, and on devices.

Protect your data by understanding:

The rhythm of your people

The rhythm of your people

  • How users access data
  • What they do with it
  • Why they are using it
The flow of your data

The flow of your data

  • Where your data lives
  • Who is accessing it
  • Where it's going – and why?

To understand the rhythm of people and flow of data, you need real-time insights that expose risky behavior from accidental, compromised or malicious users - a system that allows you to make swift and effective behavioral, data flow and threat remediation decisions.

The Human Point System

Forcepoint’s products work together across a range of capabilities and underlying services for an innovative approach to security that uses risk-adaptive scoring to recognize the context and intent of user behavior for early and accurate threat detection. It cuts through the noise so you know where to focus.

Forcepoint’s human-centric approach addresses organizations’
key security challenges in today’s zero-perimeter world: