Level-up Your Cyber Security with the Anti-Epidemic Fund

In order to support enterprises as they adjust to new working conditions, The Innovation and Technologu Commission of the Hong Kong government has launched the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) and the Anti-Epidemic Fund. Up to HK$300,000 will be offered to approved organizations in need of funds to adopt IT solutions that support and secure their business during this time.

As a Cybersecurity solution provider, we are here to help business level-up their security strategy and protect people and data wherever work happens. We are here to help enterprises futureproof their cybersecurity strategy and secure their remote workforce.

NGFW and SDWAN to scale your security infrastructure for remote workforce

Web Security to make it safe for your people to work remotely

Email Security to address a flood of inbound threats leveraging the pandemic

DLP to control of company data flowing across networks, through cloud applications and stored on devices

Request a Remote Workforce Security Consultation today to learn more about:-

  • Cybersecurity best practices for distributed and remote teams
  • Strategies to find and address gaps created by the shift to remote work
  • How to ensure rapid connection, lower latency, safe access, and collaboration



Eligible Applicant: Private company with a valid Business Registration Certificate, ongoing business commenced before 1 January 2020

Application Period: Start from May 18, 2020

Application Site: https://www.hkpc.org/en/distance-business-programme

Forcepoint Contact: 852-9651 8161