Forcepoint Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Get Ongoing Visibility and Total Control Over Data. Powered by Getvisibility, Forcepoint DSPM lets you discover, classify and orchestrate data using AI-powered automation. Reduce your data risk and streamline compliance.

Analyst-Approved, Customer-Trusted

Leader in Forrester Wave™: Data Security Platforms, Q1 2023

Frost & Sullivan 2023 Company of the Year, Global Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The five stages of data security, with Forcepoint product coverage

Part of a Comprehensive Data Security Solution

Rapidly scan approximately a million files per hour from multiple cloud sources including Amazon, Microsoft or Google platforms, as well as on-prem systems, LDAP and more

Leverage AI to improve the accuracy of the 50-dimensional model to determine data sensitivity

Monitor data in real time and identify risks such as redundant, outdated or trivial (ROT) data and improper permissions

Utilize built-in, automated remediation including deduping, quarantining and file relocation

Streamline operations with workflow orchestration, defining ownership and accountability for data sources and assets

Keep an Eagle Eye on Data in the Wild

Forcepoint Brings AI-Powered DSPM to Customers
Get details about the launch of Forcepoint DSPM and how it complements our industry-leading DLP.
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Learn more about how Forcepoint DSPM provides game-changing visibility and control over data.