Forcepoint Delivers Better Security Coverage For Mobile Workers With Direct Connect Endpoint For Triton® AP-WEB Cloud

Susan Helmick
August 1, 2016, 12:00 am CDT

Roaming employees get fast, reliable and secure access at public hotspots; organizations get better enforcement, ongoing visibility and accurate geolocation of users  

AUSTIN, Texas and LAS VEGAS, Aug. 1, 2016 -- Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint today introduced Direct Connect Endpoint technology for TRITON® AP-WEB Cloud, a new and better way to secure users' connections to the Web when outside their corporate network. Forcepoint Direct Connect solves a challenging problem faced by companies with a highly mobile workforce – how to provide roaming employees with secure, reliable and properly localized access to data when operating on public or third-party networks.

In today's business world, employees often go outside the corporate network to visit customers, serve as consultants and contractors or just work remotely. But, to get their job done, they must often connect to their company data and applications via a public hotspot or on a client's network. Current cloud-based gateway solutions are often incompatible with available connections or mask the user's location, making it impossible to properly access localized content, keep track of what roaming users are doing, or enforce geofencing controls.

With Direct Connect technology, now available in Forcepoint's TRITON AP-WEB Cloud web security service, organizations can improve connectivity, enforce usage policies and protect roaming users operating in any network to reduce downtime, increase employee productivity, and protect the organization's reputation. Now, highly mobile users can have the access and security they need to be productive while protecting their company and clients' data.

For business with roaming users accessing the web from hotels, coffee shops, public hotspots or client offices, Direct Connect delivers three key benefits:

  • Broader secure connectivity – Direct Connect enables roaming users to securely and reliably connect to the Internet, even in networks that attempt to force traffic through their own security proxy, causing conflicts; Direct Connect also gives organizations visibility into which websites their users are visiting when off the corporate network.
  • Faster performance and better application compatibility – Direct Connect avoids routing traffic to a cloud proxy, and eliminates reliance on bypasses for websites and applications. With Direct Connect, users experience native browsing performance for the content they use most.
  • Accurate geolocation – Direct Connect ensure that users' locations are properly reflected to so that they can get appropriately localized content and geo-fencing controls can work correctly.

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