Forcepoint Partners With World-Champion Driver Lucas Di Grassi To Accelerate Cybersecurity Industry Disruption

Emma Taylor
February 13, 2020, 5:13 am CST

Formula E champion and global sustainability advocate partners with Forcepoint to drive awareness for innovative technologies to combat impending global threats

AUSTIN – February 13, 2020 – Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint today announced a strategic partnership with world-champion racing driver Lucas Di Grassi to advance global awareness of the criticality of industry disruption to create modern and sustainable industries for the future.

Forcepoint and Di Grassi formed the partnership on the foundation of a shared commitment to driving global transformation of industries ripe for change. Since the company was founded, Forcepoint was built with the mission to reshape the cybersecurity conversation from a reactive threat-centric approach to a proactive human-centric understanding of cyber risk to stop attacks before they happen. While Di Grassi is a recognized change agent of the motorsport industry. He was a founding driver of Formula E and chairman of the Roborace autonomous racing series that is creating new and sustainable pathways for commercial vehicles of the future.

“Forcepoint and Lucas Di Grassi share a mission to affect change on a global scale and both cybersecurity and motorsports are two industries ripe for change. Together we are committed to evolving the modern path forward in how we protect employees and critical IP within global enterprises and deliver a viable future for safe and autonomous transportation,” said Matt Preschern, Chief Marketing Officer at Forcepoint. “Key to cementing this partnership was the shared recognition that leveraging new disruptive and adaptive technologies enable us to stay ahead of impending global threats be it cyberattacks or scarcity of sustainable resources. Lucas Di Grassi was a natural fit for Forcepoint’s first global brand partnership and we look forward to an exciting year ahead driving forward our shared mission.”

Partnership Highlights

Throughout 2020, Forcepoint and Lucas Di Grassi will co-host a series of customer events centered on the importance of a modern adaptive and transformative approach to sustainable future business strategies. As every industry struggles with the idea of future obsolescence, many don’t adapt fast enough to a changing market landscape and once behemoth industry titans fade away. This creates an industry void that must be filled with transformative businesses delivering modern solutions that can keep pace with digital change. And, just as autonomous racing is the next motorsport transformation, Forcepoint’s human-centric approach is today’s modern cybersecurity industry transformation. Customer events in 2020 will be hosted in cities around the world including Mexico City, Rome, Berlin, New York City, and more.

“Forcepoint and I are focused on disrupting our industries through innovative approaches, such as automation and AI, to solving modern challenges to create a better, and safer, future for man-kind,” said Di Grassi. “This is an important time for this partnership to commence as we are entering a new decade of exponential growth in data generating technology. Today it is imperative companies and individuals take ownership of protecting that data as well as accountability in how this explosive data and technology growth inevitably impacts climate change and sustainability.”

Forcepoint’s partnership with Lucas Di Grassi strategically advances the company’s commitment to accelerate global awareness and adoption of a modern human-centric cybersecurity approach which enables global businesses to finally get ahead of today’s complex threat landscape. Only Forcepoint today offers a cloud-first, hybrid-ready behavior-based security platform delivering user, data and edge protection for enterprises and government agencies around the world.

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