Ground-to-Sky Connectivity


Safe access to data throughout Data Centers – Edge – Branches – Cloud

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) makes it easy to connect your people to the data they depend upon throughout your increasingly distributed network – from data centers and the network edge out to branch offices and cloud environments. Rich integration of broadband, MPLS, and our centrally managed SD-WAN technology helps you reduce networking costs, improve capacity and connect your branch offices directly to the Cloud while maintaining full visibility across your entire network.


IDC Research found that customers who switched to Forcepoint could deploy firewalls 70% faster than with their previous vendor.

IDC Research, Forcepoint NGFW Business Value Snapshot, March 2017.


“We saw an opportunity to combine router and advanced firewall capabilities to strengthen security across every site and accelerate throughput. We needed a solution with centralized administration that could be easily replicated every time we added a new mobile site, easing the management burden on our IT staff.”

Head of IT Production, Carglass

Unified capabilities across data center, edge, branch and the Cloud

All Forcepoint NGFWs are powered by a unified core, providing consistent capabilities, acceleration and management across all environments that adapt to your network as it evolves. You can secure your virtualized data centers and move workloads to the Cloud without having to assemble a patchwork of systems. Customers with cloud workloads get the same industry-leading protection in AWS and Azure as they have in their on-premises data centers, offices, branches and stores — all managed from the customer’s existing SMC.

Secure SD-WAN that makes branch communications safe and efficient

Forcepoint’s Multi-Link technology provides centralized SD-WAN control over multi-ISP broadband and MPLS links, combined with our unrivaled breadth of security. You can safely connect your branches and remote offices in the most appropriate ways for each one. Traffic to SaaS applications like Office 365 can securely be sent straight to the Cloud over inexpensive commercial links; inter-office data can be directed over dynamic VPNs; and voice and sensitive enterprise applications can use dedicated lines to your data centers. Cut costs, boost performance and ensure security – all at the same time.

Rapid expansion to new locations

Deploy branch or remote offices and set up virtual private networks (VPNs) in minutes – not hours – with the Forcepoint NGFW Security Management Center (SMC). Create different topologies (e.g., hub-and-spoke, star, full mesh networks) with just a few clicks using SMC’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and the ability to associate policies to groups of appliances.

Control of connectivity in software-defined-networks (SDN)

As you deploy more workloads into virtualized environments, Forcepoint’s virtual NGFW gives you the ability to control access to and among those applications.

Adaptable appliances for greater agility and efficiency

Most Forcepoint appliances have extensible network interfaces for added flexibility. If you repurpose your appliance to a different type of network or your bandwidth needs grow, simply swap in a new interface and save yourself the trouble and expense of replacing the entire firewall.

Quantifying operational and security results of switching to Forcepoint NGFW, by IDC

Customers switching to Forcepoint saved 53% in IT staff time, cut maintenance downtime 70%, and slashed cyberattacks 86%

The Evasion Gap, identified in the NSS Labs tests in 2017

With Evader by Forcepoint, you can quickly see which vendors leave you exposed and which close the door on attacks.