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Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE)

ACE is why no one stops more threats than Forcepoint

Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) improves your threat defenses by identifying and classifying information crossing your network to deliver real-time security ratings to all products built on the Forcepoint TRITON architecture. ACE’s eight threat assessment areas and unique composite scoring process enable Forcepoint solutions to protect against emerging threats — including the most advanced zero-day attacks and APTs — while improving productivity and compliance through strong outbound content visibility and containment controls.

Forcepoint ACE is maintained by Forcepoint Security Labs researchers. Its capabilities include:

  • Predictive analytics identify zero-day and other advanced threats
  • Contextual assessments help ensure accuracy
  • Inline operation tackles social media and other SSL traffic
  • More than 10,000 analytics enable deep inspections
  • Composite scoring drives effective decision making
  • Constant updates from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence

Forcepoint ACE applies thousands of analytics across eight threat assessment areas. These also provide checks and balances to ensure accurate classification. They are:

  1. Behavioral sandboxing. Allows suspicious code to be executed, scrutinized and evaluated for malicious activities in a secure, isolated environment.
  2. Real-Time Security Classification. Inspects all Web content for malicious or suspicious code such as obfuscated scripts and iframe tags, and empowers social media controls.
  3. Real-Time Content Classification. Employs advanced machine learning to quickly and accurately classify pages based on content including images, multimedia and links.
  4. Real-Time Data Classification. Classifies structured and unstructured data with parsing and decoding support to address outbound data theft.
  5. Anti-Malware Engines. Applies multiple anti-malware engines to identify both general and specialized malware.
  6. Reputation Analysis. Considers more than 20 characteristics for more accurate reputation scoring that encompasses contextual awareness.
  7. URL and Protocols Classification. Applies current classification information for known pages or to help assess new pages and links.
  8. Anti-Spam/Spear-Phishing. Provides matchless, proactive protection against traditional and emerging threats in email.

Employed collectively for security assessments within Web, email, data and endpoint security solutions, the eight ACE defense assessment areas give ACE a uniquely broad security perspective.

Forcepoint ACE Insight Widget

Enable your website visitors to check the safety of a web link before they click on it. The ACE Insight widget performs real-time content analysis to assess the current state and risk level of a web link or IP address.