Cloud Security

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection Appliance (formerly Threat Protection Appliance)

Defense-Grade Malware Protection For the Most Confidential Networks and Data

Protect your on-premise IT architecture with an advanced enterprise solution engineered to protect the most highly secure networks from sophisticated malware, tailored attacks and APTs.

Banks, government agencies and other organizations entrusted with highly-regulated and sensitive data need enterprise-class malware protection deployed directly into their own datacenters to detect, analyze and defend against advanced Web- and email-based attacks.

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection Appliance fills this need with a high-performance malware analysis platform that provides the visibility required for security teams to respond to and remediate threats quickly, detect lateral movement and get attackers off the network. Defense organizations that are continually subjected to the most advanced cyberattacks count on this solution to contain exposure and minimize disruptions.

Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection Appliance can also be combined with Forcepoint Insider Threat (formerly SureView Insider Threat) for deeper understanding of potentially damaging user activity on your network


  • Provides comprehensive visibility into network traffic, endpoint actions (U.S. only) and inbound/outbound files to give you deeper understanding of external and internal threats.
  • Enables your security team to rapidly detect and prioritize threats using advanced visualizations and analytics.
  • Identifies malicious files and all of their locations across your network so your team can target remediation efforts where they matter most.
  • Contains exposure and damage by limiting the dwell time and lateral movement of malware.
  • Scales to the largest networks to grow as your enterprise grows.


  • Security intelligence from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence (formerly ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud).
  • Straightforward interoperation with existing email infrastructures.
  • Optional visibility into files received via API or removable media such as USB keys (U.S. only).
  • Tested in the most stringent commercial and government security environments.
  • Available Integration with Forcepoint Web Security (formerly TRITON AP-WEB), Forcepoint Email Security (formerly TRITON AP-EMAIL) and Forcepoint Insider Threat (formerly SureView Insider Threat).

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