Forcepoint Email Image Analysis

Detects illicit and inappropriate images to promote a safe and compliant workplace.

Forcepoint Email Image Analysis is available for these Forcepoint products:

Pornography and other explicit images are coming under tighter scrutiny by employers and governments to reduce sexual harassment and improve the safety and productivity of the workplace. Besides triggering increasing legal penalties, sexual harassment can also cost a typical Fortune 500 company $6.7 million per year in absenteeism, low productivity and employee turnover. Pretending to be unaware of the problem is no longer a valid defense for employers.

Forcepoint Email Image Analysis addresses this issue by providing powerful illicit image detection capabilities to help employers monitor images distributed through email, educate staff members and enforce the organization’s policies. This proactive approach can strengthen the work environment and help retain top talent while mitigating liability risks.


  • Gain Visibility for Explicit Images — Add Forcepoint Image Analysis Module to Forcepoint Email Security or Forcepoint DLP security solutions to accurately identify images that pose a risk to the organization.
  • Identify High-Risk Users — Route emails containing high-risk images to a dedicated image analysis queue, allowing administrators to easily identify users who receive or send inappropriate images.
  • Educate Users on Company Policy — Change behavior by notifying senders when the contents of their email may have violated your organization’s acceptable-use policy.
  • Avoid False Positives — Prevent misidentification of images by paying less attention to error-prone “skin tone” methods, allowing detection of even grayscale images.