Content Security

Module - Threat Protection Cloud

Defend Your Data from Advanced Threats with Cloud-Based Sandboxing Technology

Take a modern, cloud-first approach to content security for your organization with a scalable, easy-to-deploy sandbox solution that integrates seamlessly with TRITON® AP-WEB and TRITON AP-EMAIL.

To protect your sensitive data — from intellectual property to patient records to classified files — your organization needs robust defenses from the most sophisticated, targeted zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that may attack through Web or email channels. But these defenses also need to be easy to deploy, and they must work flawlessly in the cloud.

Threat Protection Cloud is your easiest on-ramp for adding advanced threat detection to your TRITON AP-WEB and AP-EMAIL deployments. Whether your organization is large or small, it will benefit from a scalable sandbox technology for cloud-based Web and email content security. Threat Protection Cloud enhances your defenses with:

  • File sandboxing for AP-WEB — Monitor Web traffic for real-time code analysis in a behavioral sandbox for advanced threat identification.
  • File sandboxing for AP-EMAIL — Intercept attachments in real time for additional threat analysis in a behavioral sandbox to identify targeted attacks.
  • Email URL sandboxing — Reassess suspicious links in email when they are accessed, not only when the email arrives.
  • Detailed forensic reporting — Use sandbox results to guide any necessary response or proactive measures against future attacks.
  • Phishing education and reporting — Increase phishing awareness at both the user and network levels to improve user behavior, even for remote users.


  • Highly accurate, real-time identification and classification of threats using TRITON ACE
  • Security intelligence from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud
  • Detailed reporting that includes graphical breakdown of the attack flow and insights into infection processes; system-level events; changes to files, processes and registries; and network communications, including connections and methods used and destination
  • Seamless integration with TRITON AP-WEB and TRITON AP-EMAIL
  • While Threat Protection Cloud is the easiest way to add sandbox technology to your TRITON deployments, Threat Protection Appliance is a next-generation malware analysis platform for use in the most demanding and highly-regulated environments